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Introducing tukutuku

tukutuku brings your devices into the Internet of Things enabling remote control, monitor and scheduling with an online app or with your  smartphone.

Easy to use

You just need a WIFI network to set up and program your device online or with your smartphone.

Remote control

Remotely monitor your devices connected to tukutuku, wherever you are. Power on, switch off and schedule your devices with one click on PC or a tap on your smartphone.

Add rules

Automate your devices with simple rules: power on air conditioner on temperature going above a certain temperature. Turn off lights, when I leave.

Receive notifications

tukutuku will notify you on events regarding your devices or you could add notifications on custom events: receive a notification when it’s going to rain.

Support tukutuku

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With tukutuku we made a simple solution to control your devices, read data from sensors and switch on/off any appliance…and it works!

It really works …and, if you tried other solutions to remotely control your devices, you know it’s not so easy to find a simple and working solution.
tukutuku could be integrated into your appliances like a washing machine to read data from sensors or into lamps to make them remotely switch on and off.

tukutuku measures power consumption: by connecting two devices to tukutuku, you could for example program to switch off a device when another one is consuming more than a given value, or you could switch off a device if it is in stand by.

If you or your company could be interested, contact us!


tukutuku let you control and program your devices with your smartphone or automate actions by adding rules, easly. For example:


What time is it ?

Execute actions at certain time.
At 7.00 PM turn on lights.

What days is today ?

Execute actions in certain days of week, at certain time or in a specific day. At 11.00 PM, on Mon, Wed and Fri, turn on garden hose and turn it off 20 minutes later.

What's the weather like ?

Execute action when weather forecast are going above or below certain values (temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind speed, etc). Will it rain ? Detach TV antenna.

Where are you ?

Use your smartphone as a proximity switch to execute actions when it is near a device. Set custom actions for different distances using Bluetooth Low Energy (few centimeters, about a meter, few meters) or GPS (leaving a place, entering an area, etc).


tukutuku is available on tukuOne: our first prototype of a tukutuku enabled device.
tukuOne is a small electronic board, powered by a mini-USB A/C adapter: working as a switch, it connects your low voltage appliance to tukutuku so you can monitor power consumption, remotely control or add rules to power on and switch off the appliance connected to tukuONE


  • – wifi connection led and relay state led
  • – current sensor
  • – terminal block to connect one line of your appliance input
  • – mini-USB port
  • – bluetooth low energy 4.0 module
  • – wifi 802.11  b/g/n module


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